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Our Mission

Help in Your World, Hope in Your Heart

Home Living Solutions is an affordable living force of healing and hope for individuals, families and communities affected by addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Considered by many to be a Half Way House that specializes in Detox/Rehab, we aim to empower our clients who are besieged with a wide range of disorders to help them move from an uninspiring, toxic way of life to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that surpasses their expectations.

Home Living Solutions provides its residents with state-of-the-art amenities and personalized programs that address the complex emotional issues of Half Way House recovery as it applies to substance abuse, alcoholism, gambling addiction and other afflictions. Our comprehensive programs provide residents with a smooth transition to independent and affordable living with the proper Detox/Rehab methods needed to help them build a solid foundation for long-term, quality recovery.

Home Living Solutions offers diverse services on a professional level for those who need more than the standard programs. We provide these added services through a network of highly trained and seasoned recovery professionals.

It is important that each and every one of our Half Way House residents build a fulfilling, independent life in recovery that is sustainable for a lifetime. By instilling in our residents the value of affordable living, accountability, dedication, and confidence, we help them to create these meaningful lives so that they can go on to become the best versions of themselves they can be.

We at Home Living Solutions believe that transitioning to a non-dependent life is possible for everyone, regardless of what is holding them back, and we have the Detox/Rehab experience, expertise, patience and passion to help you achieve that way of life.

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