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Home Living Solutions

Locations in Southern Nevada

Alternative Housing Solutions For Southern Nevada

As Home Living Solutions becomes known as Las Vegas’ premier Sober Living and Independent Living recovery support residence, we maintain the belief that achieving excellence is a constant journey. While each element of what we provide is special in and of itself, our goal is to present a platform in which the entire recovery process can be experienced on a deeper, more effective level. Home Living Solutions caters to those who lead busy corporate lifestyles as well others who are accustomed a higher quality of life.  

Alternative Living Solutions

Providing the best care possible

Our licensed counselors and specialists provide a broad range of services designed to help people evaluate the root causes of distress in their lives. We know that therapy issues know no class, age, gender or ethnicity, so we treat everyone with respect.

Nevada Licensed

Located in Las Vegas

We are a full-service alternative living practice serving adults, adolescents, couples and families in Southern Nevada. We are an experienced group of highly trained substance abuse counselors who provide the best possible services.

Court Program

Court ordered programs available

Home Living Solution's provides individualized service to adults that enable them to recognize their strengths and teaching them proactive life strategies to overcome life challenges that surround their lives. We are here to help substance abuse in Las Vegas.

Affordable, Independent Living

Financing options available

We created a sober living environment that provides interim support and services for those who are potentially at risk of institutional placement, transitioning from institutional settings, homeless and especially any person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Community Liason

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Our approach to Sober Living, Independent Living, recovery housing and addiction treatment services, is that of an all encompassing, holistic and practical mindset as it applies to integrating sobriety with real-life situations. We know and understand that one of the major hindrances in early recovery happens to be the simple day to day activities which are so often taken for granted by those who have never experienced the recovery process. However, for the person new to sobriety, something as simple as an argument with a loved one or a minor fender bender can quickly turn into a relapse.

As a Sober Living and Independent Living facility that provides a safe and nurturing environment for those who are leaving inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, Home Living Solutions can also provide assistance for those with afflictions beyond addiction, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders and post traumatic stress disorder.

Often referred to as transitional Sober Living, Independent Living, structured living, post-care service, or halfway house, Home Living Solutions has one goal: to assist addicted individuals in taking the next step toward a life of recovery.

Our care and community liaisons provide a different level of care, support and guidance.


We hope to become the beacon of hope and guidance for those of you who are struggling to overcome drug addiction and/or alcoholism.

We are here for you 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.

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